At Allure et Beauté, every stylist is a certified Oway and Privé specialist able to assist you in achieving incredible results with your fine and fragile hair. Your hair will be thicker and healthier. Trichology is our specialty providing amazing results with hair loss, psoriasis, eczema, redness…

Our salon uses products that aren’t just organic, they’re biodynamic — which means they’re grown without pesticides or polluting farm machinery. Instead, the plants are picked by real people in accordance with the moon’s lunar cycles.”

We believe in providing professional salon products using the safest, most natural ingredients - so that you do not have to compromise your health.🌿


Botanical Deep Scalp Spa

Deep cleaning and exfoliation of the scalp without any stress on your scalp and hair. Deep scalp massage will stimulate blood circulation and nourish your roots, leading to a healthy scalp and hair. We offer three durations.

$55 30min |  $75 45min |  $100 60min

Dry Scalp Care

Treatment designed to address the needs of a dry and flakey scalp to relieve irritation, dryness, and itchiness. It works to prevent wrinkles and thinning hair as well.

$60 30min session

Soothing Scalp Treatment

Treatment designed for sensitised, reddened or irritated scalp. Soothe sensitive or sensitised skin. Relieves irritation, dryness and itchiness. Works to prevent wrinkles and thinning hair.

$60 30min | $90 45min

Oily Scalp Care

Treatment designed to control overactive oil production, eliminate odor, and revive hair.

$60 30min | $90 45min

Hair Growth Program

Treatment designed to prevent thinning hair and hair loss. Reactivates microcirculation and nourishes the hair bulb. It strengthens the cohesion and stability of the hair shaft and bulb. It stimulates the derma papillae to induce the growth of the new hair. It favors the oxygenation of the scalp. It carries out energizing action on the piliferous bulb and increase hair strength and resistance. It favors microcirculation in the scalp and lightly moisturizes the skin, improving the comfort of the most sensitive types of skin.

$120 60min | $500 for 6 sessions








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