Restore your sense of well being! Reduce tension and anxiety, muscles cramps, spasms and pain while Improving your circulation and removing toxins!

I’m looking forward to working with you as each of you are very special here at Allure et Beauté, with your own individual issues and concerns.

Lorraine Lott, LMT, CRT, Médical QiGong practitioner.

One Hour Therapeutic Massage $85

Lay on a Far-Infrared Bio Mat

Additions to the One Hour Therapeutic Massage:

  • .Micro Stimulation Therapy $25: Applied to tighten and contracted muscles causing them to release; permitting increased réinnervation of the neural pathways allowing your pain level to be substantially decreased.

  • Cranial Release Technique ( CTR) $25: A précise cranial stretch releasing tension through your whole body- head to toe

  • Rejuvena Ultrasound Treatment $25: For soothing and relaxing $25

Also available for improved health:

Medical Qi Gong $120

Protocol for relaxing, stimulating, energizing your body and relieving headaches and migraines.

*Performed with your clothes on.

Swedish massage

Unwind with this gentle relaxing massage. Swedish massage uses fundamental strokes that eases tension and soothes tired muscles. Affects all layers and systems of the body including nerves, muscles, glands and circulation. Promotes healing and well-being.

$80 60min session

Aromatherapy Massage 

Treat yourself to this combination of essential oils and massage. Experience the healing as pure essential oils refresh, invigorate, soothe emotions and clear the mind. As the oil is absorbed into the skin and inhaled it affects the limbic system which relaxes the emotions and the mind.

$95 60min session

Deep Tissue Massage 

An intensified version of the Swedish, this massage uses deep tissue techniques to release muscles tension.

$95 60min session